Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Amneal Pharmaceuticals - Pioneering New Products in Generics Sphere

Based in Southern California, DV Medical Supply provides veterinary physicians with a full range of medications at wholesale prices. DV Medical Supply is proud to supply quality products from many of the most respected manufacturers, including Amneal Pharmaceuticals.

Established nearly 15 years ago in Paterson, New Jersey, Amneal is known for dedicated research that complements its manufacturing capacities and has created success stories in areas with significant barriers to market entry, including injectables, transdermals, and topical medications. The firm’s growth reflects an entrepreneurial focus and continuous reinvestment in the generics sphere. With more than 4,000 employees spanning four continents, the firm maintains membership in a robust alliance of independent, forward-focused companies dedicated to innovating health care technologies that effectively help battle life-threatening conditions. 

The firm is continuously pioneering new products. It recently introduced Yuvafem as the generic first-to-market equivalent of Vagifem, which provides low doses of vaginal estrogen. This product underlines Amneal Pharmaceuticals’ commitment to generating cost savings in expanding market categories that offer significant growth potential.

Friday, July 1, 2016

ChildFund Sri Lanka Helps Those Displaced by May 2016 Cyclone

A pharmaceutical wholesale distributor based in Gardena, California, DV Medical Supply offers several types of medical, pharmaceutical, and surgical products to its customers. Dedicated to the community, DV Medical Supply supports several nonprofit endeavors, including ChildFund International.

Established in 1938, ChildFund International helps vulnerable and needy children thrive by giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and become young adults and leaders that provide their communities with a positive change. The organizations works in 29 countries through 365 local partner organizations to reach almost 20 million children and family members.

In May 2016, ChildFund International’s Sri Lanka chapter mobilized to help those affected by floods and landslides in Sri Lanka. A severe tropical storm, caused heavy rains, which spawned floods and landslides affecting more than 425,000 people. The Disaster Management Center in Sri Lanka reported that more than 300,000 people were displaced with at least 92 dead and another 109 missing. The first ChildFund teams arrived onsite on May 21 to assess the needs of the communities before developing strategies to assist those in need.